Wreck Dives in the Eden, Merimbula, Tathra area

Merimbula Divers Lodge services the Sapphire Coast from Narooma to the New South Wales / Victorian border.

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The Tugs are two ships which were made 'diver safe' and scuttled in 1987.

The Tasman Hauler


Sitting upright in 30m of water, it is easily penetrated. The wreck is covered in colourful sponges and jeweled anemones. Ideal for Wreck, Deep and Photography Courses conducted by the Merimbula Divers Lodge.

photo album, more info or a review of the site by Michael McFayden

The Henry Bolte

wreck and school

Merimbula Divers Lodge also maintains a mooring on the wreck of the Henry Bolte. Sitting in 24m of water, the superstructure has collapsed to one side. This wreck has attracted a large variety of schooling fish. The depth allows for longer dives, which makes it perfect for a first wreck dive.

more info; photo album or a review of the site by Michael McFayden

The Empire Gladstone


Wrecked on the night of September 5th 1950 the ship measured 135 metres long. She now lies in 10 metres of water just off Merimbula. Though mostly collapsed you are still able to swim through the drive shaft passage and explore around the wreckage which has turned into a spectacular artificial reef attracting a prolific and diverse amount of marine life.

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